API 682 PLAN 53A

API 682 Plan 53A is used to prevent all leakage produced from the primary inboard seal of a dual pressurized wet mechanical seal arrangement.

The reservoir (seal pot) contains a clean compatible barrier fluid that is pressurized with an inert gas, typically Nitrogen to a minimum pressure of 20 psig above the seal chamber pressure. The maximum gas charging pressure is 150 psig, this limit reduces the likelihood of gas entrapment in the barrier fluid which can have a negative effect of seal performance. This pressurized system will promote the higher pressure barrier fluid to migrate into the process through the primary inboard sealing faces. Transmitters are used to monitor barrier fluid level and reservoir pressure.

Standard Design Features Optional Design Features
  • ASME Sec. VIII Div. 1, 2013
  • 8” Sch. 40 Reservoir: 5-Gallon
  • Weld Pad w/ #7 Sight Glass
  • Elliptical Heads
  • Cooling Coil: 1/2’’ x .065 Wall
  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Level Indicating Transmitter
  • Threaded Connections
  • Class 800 OS&Y Gate Valves
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Block & Bleed Valves
  • ASME U Stamp
  • 8’’ Sch. 80 Reservoir: 10-Gallon
  • Dual Weld Pad w/ #5 Sight Glass
  • Flanged Lower Head
  • Point Level Switch
  • Pressure Switch
  • Pressure Regulator
  • Socket Welded Connections
  • Flanged Connections
  • Gusseted Supports
  • External Circulating Pump
  • Support Stand

*All materials used per ASME Section VIII Div. 1